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How does it work?

The condensation removal procedure is relatively straightforward, vents are fitted to the unit to allow air to enter and expel from the unit when needed, the venting system prevents any further damage to the unit’s seals.

By allowing air to flow through the unit the trapped water in the air space will turn to vapour as the temperature rises and will be expelled from the unit through the top vent, the air that replaces the vapour as the temperature drops will contain significantly less moisture.

The moisture in the air is prevented from fogging or condensing on the glass by the special anti-fog coating that we apply to the internal glass surface.

Finally, the units bottom section is resealed from inside the unit using a special sealer that turns the trapped moisture in the bottom spacer bar into a solid, and also prevents any moisture entering the unit from the bottom rebate should there be a problem with the drainage system or seals on the frame.

The failed unit is now re-classified as a pressure equalised unit and will not react to temperature changes.