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How It Works

Basically, to get rid of the moisture from the inside of a double-glazed units or to prevent the unit from fogging the unit needs to be re-engineered, the transformation from a hermetically sealed unit into a pressure equalised unit is not that difficult.

We refer to the unit as hermetically sealed (gas tight) however if you are reading this it is likely that you have moisture in your units, this means the seal has failed and the unit is no longer air tight, we call these units "Blown" and most people will simply replace the unit with another, the replacement solves the problem of moisture ingress that's for sure however it is only a short-term fix and the problem will return when the new units seal fails.

Re-engineering the failed unit solves the problem, is cheaper than replacing the unit, last longer than replacements and what's more is the most environmentally friendly option (most failed sealed units go straight to landfill).

The re-engineered unit has the same thermal performance as a standard air-filled unit, air will escape from the unit when the temperature rises and air will be allowed to re-enter the unit when the temperature drops.

The additional three features added to the original unit work simultaneously to prevent any further damage to the unit, to prevent any further ingress of water into the vault and finally prevent the moisture in the air fogging on the glass.

The real question we should be asking is why do they not make units like this in the first place?