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GTMO Starter Kit (GTMO-SK01) (Without Dremel)

These starter kits include all the tools and equipment needed to de-fog failed non toughened glass sealed units, the kit also includes enough stock to repair up to 12 units.

Included in the kit:
Tools: Water/Coolant Feed Attachment, Sprayer C/W hose, Trigger Assembly C/W Spray Tip, Vacuum Tube, Fluid Recovery Bottle, Burnishing Tool, Lint Free Cloth, Anti-Scratch Template & Instruction Manual.

Consumables: 4 Diamond Drill Bits, 5 Litre Drying Agent (Anti-Fog), 500ml Spacer Bar Sealer, 24 Clear Vents.

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Total Price Inc Free Delivery £210Click Here for more info

Click Here to watch a YouTube video of a unit being repaired with this kit.

Our system removes water and condensation from failed double glazed units, they will not remove staining, white streaks or marks inside the unit.
Units that have been failed for a long time may have water damage that is not reversible.

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