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Condensation inside double glazing can permanently damage the glass.

The components used to make a sealed unit quickly start to breakdown when exposed to moisture on a daily basis, the constant evaporation and condensing of the water on the glass quickly starts to leave deposits on the glass, if left for a long time they will become baked on the glass in the summer months, these deposits are virtually impossible to remove.

The defogging of sealed units removes the moisture contained within the unit and cleans the glass, it will not however remove stains or streaks inside the unit that are baked on or are leaching from the glass.

Stage one damage as highlighted in the above picture can be removed this includes, fog, mist and water.

Stage two damage as highlighted in the above picture can sometimes be removed, or significantly reduced. After the process is carried out the damage will not get any worse. many customers will accept a certain amount of marking if the cost of replacing the unit is very high or if the unit is in a location that is not used on a daily basis such as a spare bedroom etc.

Stage three damage as highlighted in the above picture cannot be removed.