Removing condensation from the middle of failed double glazed units is now quick and simple with our kits

Tried and Tested on hundreds of thousands of units in the UK, USA & Canada

Used by dozens of Housing Associations across the UK as their preferred method of dealing with failed units.
Tested & Verified By Wolverhampton University UK to have no effect on the units thermal efficiency

Most of your questions are answered in the FAQ section and discover the facts not fiction about the process.

Our system is the only proven process on the market
Unique Anti-Fog Polymer Coating, Specialist Sealer and Micro Polycarbonate Vents

Hundreds of thousands of failed sealed units have been saved from landfill using our unique system, venting the unit removes the excess moisture trapped between the panes of glass, click on the links in the top navigation bar to read more about how our system works and why sealed units fail.

Click Here to watch a video of a unit being repaired with our latest kit.

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Professional De-Fogging Kit Dremel Drill Press Starter Kit containing enough stock to repair 12 standard units
Pro-Kit (Excludes Dremel)
Our Price: £599.00
Starter Kit (No Dremel)
Our Price: £299.99
Specialist Condensation Removal Kit made to make the process of removing trapped moisture from the inside of double glazed units simple, safe and achievable by the homeowner or local handyman/woman.
Glass mounted Dremel drill press with built in water feed and depth stop

This purpose made (patent applied for) drill press is designed to make the process of drilling a 6mm hole in the corner of sealed units simple, safe and accurate.
These kits are designed for the D.I.Y market or to try the process out before investing in a more professional kit. This kit includes all the tools needed to repair standard, and laminate glass units.

Advanced Kit (Excludes Dremel Drill)
These kits are designed for the trades person who will be carrying out sealed unit repairs on a regular basis.  This kit includes all the tools needed to repair standard, toughened and laminate glass units, it also includes the equipment needed to carry out repairs from the inside of the property if access is a problem.
Save Your Windows, Save Your Money, Save The Environment